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What We Do

We are a result driven and energetic fitness and fat loss workout program that includes Personal trainer led 30-minute dynamic resistance H.I.I.T training sessions along with personalize nutrition guidance.

We deliver unsurpassed motivation, accountability and support; all designed to get you the body that you want in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere.

Let’s be honest – getting in great shape can be tough, especially if you’re going it alone.

You’ve probably searched through millions of fitness sites before you found us here, being disappointed in all the false promises and gimmicks that are always way too good to be true.

But, fortunately, you found us- we’ve been changing people’s lives since 2008, and we know how to deliver rapid results the safe and healthy way.

At UFF I felt like I was around professions who knew what they were doing. Paul walked me through a nutrition plan. I always had somebody to talk to in case I was feeling overwhelmed, hungry or tired.
~ Anna S.

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Is It for Me?

Our programs are for people of all fitness levels!  From the trained athlete to the average person wanting to lose weight and get back into shape.

what we do

We specialize in helping you burn fat, get stronger, and more athletic looking without spending long hours in the gym.


No BS, No Lies, No Gimmicks

just hard work and tons of support, motivation, and encouragement to get you through your workouts and closer to achieving your ultimate health and fitness goals.


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Weekly group workouts

We offer various classes 6 days a week.  Below are the classes we offer.  View our class schedule for a list of dates and times.

Upper, Lower & Total Body

Each individual class focuses on just the upper body, lower body and full body on each of their days.

HIIT / Core | Pure HIIT

High-intensity interval training (HIIT),  is a form of interval training a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until too exhausted to continue.

Plyometrics / Agility

Exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength). 

Proven Results

Client Testimonials

Before U First Fitness no matter what exercise I did I couldn’t get the scale to move. In the beginning of March my boss told me about Rene, and I have been hooked ever since! The scale has moved again and I am down 150 lbs all together. I feel great and I look better than I had since high school. I attribute the success to Rene and all the U First Fitness Trainers know how, great attitude, positive encouragement and the comradely of all the people in the classes. I look forward to the workouts every day, it’s challenging but the rewards are so great it’s worth it. They surround me with support and encouragement. I would and do recommend U First Fitness to anyone that wants to look and feel their very best.

Amy T.

I’m very unhappy and make everyone else unhappy when I want something now!!! And what I wanted back in September of was to weigh 135 and instead I had a body by Icehouse and was weighing in at 185. UFF filled a need in me I never knew I needed. I didn’t like going to other gyms because I had to figure out my workout routine and this left me wondering around the gym frustrated. I started my 21-day challenge in January which turned into a daily struggle. I showed up, listened and did the best I could. My body was not changing fast enough so Rene’ got to hear most of my whining!!!

Valerie J.

Like most women, I’ve been a lifelong dieter, always trying new ways to keep those pesky ten pounds off. After I lost my father in 2016, I put on nearly 25 pounds. By the time I was ready to take them off, I had turned 40 and could not figure out how to do it. None of the old combinations of diet and exercise were working. I could lose like 5 lbs, but could not keep them off or break through plateaus. I decided to try to find a coach who could help me and keep me accountable.

Right off the bat, Rene told me how to get my body ready to start shedding fat. The food she recommended was great and there were even carbs!! After our first couple of weeks together, I got word that my cholesterol was high – like bad high. Paul immediately jumped in and worked with Rene to tweak my diet for optimum heart health. A mere 12 days after changing my diet I redid my blood work and had “lifestyled” my way back within normal cholesterol levels. No statins needed!

We’ve been working together for 2.5 months now, and in that time my energy levels have soared, I’ve lost 15 lbs, and my blood work has gone back to normal. To top it off, I am back in my skinny jeans!! As far as I am concerned, Rene and Paul and geniuses. They know nutrition; they know physiology; and they know women’s bodies. I am forever grateful to them and highly recommend them to anyone thinking about hiring a coach and committed to change.

Sherry R.

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Gym Access


Nutrition Consultation


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