About U First Fitness

We are John's Creek #1 premier fitness Studio!

About Rene

Rene Serrate the founder and owner of U First Fitness Began her journey at an early age. After seeing her family suffer with multiple affliction ranging from heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more, she decided to take action to ensure that she would not follow the same path of unhealthy living that had plague her family for generations.

She embarked on a mission to create a healthy lifestyle that included education on proper nutrition and exercise. Along the way she competed in several Figure Competitions that elevated her to a National Level as an athlete. It was then, with all the knowledge she had gained over the years that she realized her true passion of helping other achieve a complete healthy lifestyle through Health and Fitness.

She opened U First Fitness in 2008 with the sole purpose of helping people change their lives. All the Fitness Coaches at U First Fitness are Nationally certified and experts in their fields. They share a unifying belief of compassion and dedication for each and every client. Rene herself hand picks each and every Coach and holds them accountable to her demanding standards.

…. this is our passion! U First Fitness is a unique environment where our clients, (or family members as we like to call them) develop a bond of friendship and accountability that ultimately guarantees your results.

Come be a part of our UFF family today. We guarantee you have never experienced a fitness environment like ours. Whether you’re new to fitness, or a well trained athlete, call today 678-671-1407 or click “Join Now” below and try us out FREE for one week.

See you at the studio,

Rene’ Serrate & the UFF Staff

Who Our Programs Are For…

Our programs are for people of all fitness levels! From the trained athlete to the average person wanting to lose weight and get back into shape.

If you are truly sick and tired of all the lies and false information about burning fat, nutrition, and what it takes to be fit and healthy then you are in the right place. Listen, there is no “Magic Pill” that will create the body that you want. But, we do have the next best thing… fun, high-energy workouts that deliver unbeatable results in a friendly and encouraging environment.

Whether you’re ready to lose your first 20 pounds or if you have 30 pounds or more to lose we can help.

That’s what we do… we specialize in helping you burn fat, get stronger, and more athletic looking without spending long hours in the gym. Let us show you how our group personal training in Johns Creek is going to melt away those extra pounds and inches.

There’s No BSNo Lies, and No Gimmicks here… just hard work and tons of support, motivation, and encouragement to get you through your workouts and closer to achieving your ultimate health and fitness goals.

You see our training philosophy is a little different than others. We train in small group sessions and focus on innovative, high intensity workouts with metabolic conditioning such as combo movements. This way you get a chance to burn fat AND tone your muscles at the same time.

We make it a point to hold you accountable for the work that you’re putting in, ensuring that you’re giving it your all. Wouldn’t you want someone in your corner, rooting for you to meet your goals?

You can expect a complete approach to fitness including practical nutrition advice and programming here at our Johns Creek personal training center. We teach you the proper ways to eat healthy and maintain your results long-term. We don’t believe in fad or starvation diets- just wholesome quality nutrition, with proper education on how, when, and what to eat.

You can even expect support when you are away from the gym, and unlimited support to questions through phone, email and social media platforms like a private members only Face Book page. We understand you need the support in and out of the gym and that is what we provide for you!

Don’t put off the one thing that will make a difference in your life, call us 678-671-1407 or email us today at info@ufirstfitness.com and let us show you why we are Johns Creek premier fitness studio.