OK, since our email last Friday about our upcoming summer challenge went out, our inbox has been piling up and our phone hasn’t stopped ringing! Apparently, a lot of you really want to get in shape for summer and need some help to get you started!

Well we couldn’t be more excited about bringing this new program to all of you! We are officially announcing our first-ever WHOLE30 CHALLENGE!!

If you’re looking for a kick-start to get you in shape for summer, jump on this opportunity! We promise … NO … We GUARANTEE, you won’t be sorry you did! We have made this Whole30 Challenge affordable and risk-free on your part. All you have to do is commit to 30 Days and we will give you all the tools to get you the results you want!

As we discussed before, the summer is that time that we all want to look our best and feel our most confident. Except, when is the last time you can remember feeling that way? How many times have you tried to get results and failed?

We are bringing to you the insanely-successful Whole30 program to help you break your bad relationship with food and bring you so many victories both on and off the scale! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!! By now, most of you know that our programs get results. So much so, that we guarantee your results every time!

Listen, there’s no magic pill… just hard work. You workout a minimum of 3 times per week in our 30 minute Group Training sessions and you partner it with whole food nutrition that will heal you from the inside out. Oh, and let’s not forget the most important part, our relentless accountability and support. This is how we can guarantee your results; we keep you so accountable and track your progress daily that you just can’t fail!!

Like we said, we are bringing you the insanely successful Whole30 Challenge Program, and we plan to make it very affordable for all. For a limited time, you can save 80% OFF registration!

This affordable program helps you get in shape for the Summer and find your self confidence once again (or maybe for the first time!). It requires only 1.5 Hours a week and can be done by ANYBODY, regardless of age, weight, fitness level, or flexibility – Guaranteed!
Our Whole30 Challenge uses a very simple yet effective, easy to follow, FUN workout routine that we combine with the PROVEN elimination system of the Whole30 that provides MASSIVE fat loss, puts your energy levels through the roof, and will finally get you the RESULTS you have always wanted.

Let’s break this down. Here’s what you get…

· ​30 Days Of Unlimited Group Personal Training Designed To Get You In The Best Shape Of Your Life! Specialized workouts designed to melt belly fat, using our Afterburn Training Program, and build muscle tone at the same time! The sessions are only 30 minutes so even those with the busiest schedule can find time to workout.
· ​30 Days Of EASY Nutrition Geared Towards Helping You Burn Fat Faster! You get a proven fat loss nutrition plan where you don’t have to count calories. No starvation, no pills, just food you love and will enjoy! You will be nourishing your body with healthy whole foods while increasing energy and dropping sizes.
· ​30 Days Of Accountability & Support To Reach Your Weight Loss Goals! We are known for our World Class Customer Service, Accountability and Support. The Whole30 Challenge Program will be no exception in this department.
· Affordable! We are making it affordable so that anyone can be healthy. The program will cost you less than $3.17 per day which is less than the amount of money you will save daily by using our meal plans. The program is practically FREE if you think about it! 😉
· RESULTS, RELATIONSHIPS, COMMUNITY You’re not joining a gym; you’re joining a fitness family! We are a community of like-minded people who will give you the positive support and accountability you need to succeed.
· Best of all… A Rock Solid Guarantee If you are not satisfied for any reason during your program, just let us know and we will issue a refund, no questions asked.

There you have it…. we have done our part. Now it’s your turn. Time to step up, commit to 30 days, and feel great for the rest of the summer. Don’t wait too long as we have limited space and have to restrict the number of new sign-ups, (it’s the only way to keep the program small enough to give each one of you the level of outstanding support and attention you deserve). Our programs are usually extremely popular and fill up pretty fast! This will definitely be no exception.

If you want more info Click Here​ or you can reply to this email, or call us directly at 404-445-8144.