stop-watchYou don’t need to spend hours in a gym sweating your life out on a treadmill. A single 30-minute session can get your heart pumping and your blood racing in a fun environment where our Certified Fitness Coaches can help you on your way to a slender you. It’s easier than you think. The truth is when it comes to fitness today, you have a lot of choices. Too many to be exact, information overload. Do you join a “big” box gym and have a go at it on your own? Do you buy the latest fad diet book or workout DVD’s? Do you take pills or drink your meals? WOW!

Listen, we’re a premiere fitness studio based in Johns Creek, Georgia. And we have a staff of highly qualified Fitness Coaches that once upon a time, had a few extra pounds and love handles too. We tried the same diets, the same powders and discovered nothing really worked.

The secret to dropping weight and looking great is really boiled down to just a few simple things:

  • You have to move, or you get fat
  • You have to balance some cardio with weight training
  • You have to have a healthy and sensible diet. Starving yourself or “fad” diets, simply do not work!
  • We know you love pizza. We do too. But ice cream, pizza, bread, sugar in any form can cause your body to hold onto the pounds. We will show you alternatives to junk foods and help you smash those bad cravings….

Our bodies are meant for movement and today’s information overloaded lifestyle can force a lot of us to spend hours behind a desk and not moving a whole lot.

When that happens, your jeans start to get a little tighter. That six-pack abs becomes a nice round mound built by years of neglect and a few too many Budweiser’s.satifaction-guaranteed

It’s no fun when you realize you’ve gained a few too many pounds. But it’s never too late to do something about it.