This coming Saturday, May 30th from 10:30am – ‘Holy Hormones’ Advanced Workshop presented by Dr. John Gatell with Maximized Living @ the U First Fitness Studio – Join us for this Advanced Workshop!
Hormones tell our bodies how to function, but they can easily be thrown off-kilter by many of the lifestyle choices we make each day. Learn how to keep your hormones in check.
We want to teach you how to take control of your future. Small everyday changes can help balance your hormones and lead to a healthier and more fulfilling life. Make sure your future is as pain, stress, and worry-free as possible.
Embrace Holy Hormones and Discover the Power Within!
• Learn tips to manage your stress.
• Rid yourself of hot flashes and night sweats.
• Bring your testosterone levels up to par.
• Keep your mood steady.

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