Sometimes, a run outdoors just sounds better than the treadmill—but the hot

Georgia days could put you in danger if you don’t plan ahead. Stacie Rogers, a U First

Fitness trainer, has a few tips to make sure you’re safe this summer if you choose to

exercise out in this July heat. Remember to always listen to your own body and don’t

overexert yourself.

1) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

That’s right—three is key. That means drinking water before, during, and

after your workout is crucial to replenish your body and avoid dehydration, which

could lead a number of problems. Be sure to drink water well in advance, too, which

will not only improve performance, but will keep you safe.

2) Know that your body feels temperature differently than you might


“If you’re working out outside, know that the temperature will actually be

20° higher to your body,” Stacie warns. “So if it’s 90° outside it’s actually 110° to

your body.” This is extremely important to remember during this insane Georgia

heat, so be sure to dress yourself in clothes designed to help your body cool off, and

remember to pay attention to how you’re feeling and performing; Stacie

recommends “[dialing] your exertion level back accordingly to prevent injury and

heat exhaustion,” which would be a major setback in your fitness journey. It’s better

to be safe and get a less strenuous workout in for the day than to encounter some

major health problems that could prevent you from working out for days (or

potentially lead to permanent damage to your body). Basically, know what you’re

getting yourself into—and how your body will process the heat—so you can plan

accordingly. It’s best to head outside at the cooler times of the day, such as at dawn.

3) Alternate with water and electrolyte drinks

During your workout, to keep your body performing and functioning the way

it should, Stacie suggests consuming a combination of regular water and electrolyte

drinks. It’s important to replenish your body and keep you hydrated, and the

electrolytes you use up while you’re kicking butt are just as crucial to replace as the

water you’re sweating out. But make sure you choose a low cal electrolyte drink, she

warns, because many are filled with unnecessary additives and sugars.

Stay safe this summer and remember to speak to a doctor. Be prepared and don’t

put yourself in a situation that may put your fitness journey on hold—it’s better to

be safe than sorry!